I am writing you from Turkey. I studied Information Technologies in university actually and worked in several positions in several companies but since I am very much into growing crops hydroponically, I am willing to set up a hydroponics company in the future. There are tons of information online but none of them can give me hands-on experience and in my opinion the best way to learn something is doing it in real life, not just reading articles and watching informative videos. I want to work in a hydroponics company to learn the entire production process, problems you encounter and how you solve them. I am not focused on earning money right now as my only purpose is to learn the job. I looked up your company and it caught my attention. I have also relatives and friends in Netherlands to stay with. I wanted to ask if it is possible for me to spend some quality time at your company as an employee.

        I also want to send my CV in case you want to have a look. Thanks in advance.