Dear Messrs!

We are kindly asking You to prepare and to direct to us a TCP (technical and commercial proposal) for delivery for export (prices on FOB Russia conditions) the plant for the production of GHF with a capacity of 2, 5 and 10 tons of GHFper day. The supply is supposed for a joint agricultural enterprise in Southeast Asia for the production of food for cattle, poultry and for fisheries (carp, tilapia, Nile catfish).

Please clarify, in addition to the technical specification and the price, the size of the plant and the options for placing the plant on the recommended site, provide us with the recommendations on the use of different types of grain for feeding various animals and fish – especially rice.

Best regards

Managing Director

Electrotest Pte Ltd

As you can understand this kind off questions is out of order. They think strange and unmannerly and we will not provide and help them with a business plan.