Perfect Grow (Pty)Ltd (originally traded as Hydroponic Solutions Africa) was born as a result of identifying the future and the growth of hydroponics culture practice in South Africa.

Hydroponics as a cultivating method/concept became a viable option and there is an ever growing awareness amongst South African growers over the last 15 years. The hydroponic farmers have increased dramatically since 2002, with newcomers entering the cycle almost every day. This rapid growth has created a demand for expertise and knowledge and that is where Perfect Grow has placed itself.

The company mission is to provide existing growers and /or newcomers with the knowledge, support and skills to manage, maintain and produce successfully. The company benefits from a vast knowledge and understanding of the market requirements, timing, cultivars and varieties and the supporting systems/supplies of various products required for operating hydroponics (nutrients, irrigation, applying IPM etc).

Our formula to assist growers is based on two simple but extremely important words: The Plant- Educating growers about what he/she growing and understanding the plant physiology, chemistry and its botanic make-up. The Market-Understanding how, where, what and when to grow to be able to use “the Plant” production as a sustainable and viable business. The company operates nationally and in neighbouring countries, applying solutions and resolving problems associated with plants and the running protocol of hydroponics culture.

Ben Safronovitz, founder of the venture, numbers amongst the few who was involved with hydroponics from its very early days in South Africa. Gained huge experience and expertise across the various issues related to hydroponics and … had an unlimited passion for the subject and the love of teaching and assisting.

Perfect Grow  runs a Hydroponics Academy in the Western Cape, teaching, guiding and practising hydroponics with students from Africa and South Africa. (see link to hydroponics academy).After all: Growing plants, the management of them and getting them to produce quality results is our duty on earth as commanded by the Creator.Let’s Grow!