Kana-chan” is a hydroponic cultivation kit that can grow up vegetables without soil by using the original oxygen circulation system. It has a history of over 50 years among Japanese professional farmers and BtoB market, and now it will be converted for home use. Since circulating the liquid fertilizer while adding oxygen keeps the roots constantly fresh, the roots can grow to the fullest so the leaves and stems can also grow bigger, so this system produces 3-4 times for the crop yield, and the crops grow twice faster. Kana-chan does not require any pesticides, so it provides safe healthy crops. By changing the specifications to overseas model, Kana-chan provides fresh foods for all of the people who would like to get healthy life.

Product Outline
Product name: The World Best Hydroponic Oxygen System “Kana-chan” Kickstarter special set
Size: 467mm × 467mm × 300mm
Capacity: 12 L (406 oz)
Weight: 3kg (6.6 lb)
Accessories: Leafy vegetable panels, Liquid fertilizer A (500ml), Liquid fertilizer B (500ml), Leafy vegetable medium, Cultivation pot, pot cover
Price: Super early birds $180
Project start day: January 30th, 2018
Manufacturer: Kyowa Co., Ltd., (Osaka, Japan)
Origin of Export: Versailles Trading Corporation