Could hydroponic farming save Egypt? Hydroponic (or soilless) farming could be the answer to Egypt’s growing water shortage as well as the continuously shrinking size of the country’s arable land base, Agritech startups told Enterprise. There are now at least 25 companies in the industry in Egypt — a sector, we note, that was virgin territory just seven years ago.

Why is hydroponic farming perfect for Egypt? We have sun all year round, enjoy a perfect geographical location for exports, and hydroponic farming uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture, said Adel Shentenawy, CEO of Hydrofarms. Founded seven years ago, Hydrofarms provides turnkey projects, training programs as well as marketing services. Unlike traditional farming, hydroponic farming also makes it possible to grow a larger variety of produce and is not reliant on seasons, Shentenawy said. The produce is also pesticide-free, he noted.

So the best place to get information in Egypt about hydropoics is Al Bustani. It is the sole agricultural service provider in Egypt that adopts advanced irrigation systems and applies these to a variety of environments and activities considered outside the scope of conventional agricultural methods. Through the use of soilless culture irrigation techniques including hydroponics, aquaponics, and aeroponics, Al-Bustani addresses a myriad of ecological and socioeconomic issues while meeting all of your specific botanical needs regardless of the environment and setting.

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