Every year around three percent of farmers give up. No successor, or the stricter rules that force them to invest or, as is the case with many small farmers, is that it is no longer financially viable. The result is that more and more farms and their outbuildings become vacant. Impoverishment of the countryside is imminent. The vacancy rate for farm buildings in 2030 is expected to be greater than the vacancy rate for offices. Everyone is busy looking for alternatives to these stables. But not one that gives it an alternative farming function. With this project we want to transform a pig stable with a Belgian farmer into a vegistable in which special crops / vegetables / fruit are grown based on hydroponics. We believe that this is feasible.
Because what does good hydroponics need?

  1. Water
  2. Light
  3. Heat
  4. Weatherproof area
  5. Drain
  6. Electricity

Well considered, a pigsty has all this, except light. But most roofs of these stables consist of asbestos. They have to remove it. So a light-transmitting roof with support from LED lighting is basically the only thing that really needs to be invested. The rest is to adapt to the correct environmental conditions. But the costs are of course minimal compared to a greenhouse. But above all the farmer has a new agricultural function and retains his rights and income. Only the big question is what will you grow, making it profitable. Of course you cannot compete with the existing greenhouse cultivation. So a special cultivation or concept must provide a solution for this. We have this concept and we will keep you informed