The hydroponics pilot is a perfect example of the type of innovation which Brooke is seeking to support. A trial for a new and simple solution to an old problem. As well as providing opportunities for learning, it also helped Brooke India develop a technique that will enable them to support more equines and their owners in years to come.

This method of green fodder production is very easy… we will be buying our own maize seeds and will propagate this method in other areas as well. This system will remove the scarcity of green fodder for donkeys. I never thought my 10 donkeys would have such good quality green fodder in their lives!

Due to the success of this pilot, Brooke India has included training on hydroponics techniques in their yearly plan. They have also initiated the cultivation process with 1,000 donkey owning families from November 2018 to June 2019. This will ensure the availability of green fodder to around 8,000 donkeys in drought-prone areas of Maharashtra state.

The families taking part have been identified and they will move on to the training stage.

More in formation https://www.thebrooke.org/