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Hydroponic consulting-advice

You will have many questions if you want to start with Hydroponics. There are a lot of technological systems, nutrients and builders with technologies that control the temperature and humidity of the environment surrounding the plants in a greenhouse.

By controlling nutrients and water you can control the yield of your plant. If you control the temperature and humidity of the environment, you will have the power to create any crop you choose at any given time.

We can give advice on how to setup and run commercial hydroponics systems. Not only big systems but also small. We co-operate with the best Dutch companies.

  • Making the right hydroponic choice.
  • Design of hydroponic systems
  • Site inspections & on-site consultancy.
  • Hydroponic farm evaluations.
  • NFT & channel-based systems, large or small.
  • Management of irrigation and drainage of all type of substrates
  • etc.

First step…make an appointment,or use this:

E-MAIL: info@hydroponics-nederland.nl