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The right choice of a greenhouse construction, technical solutions and cultivation system is the key factor for a successful investment in greenhouses. Which type of the greenhouse, which technical solution, and which subsystems, only a few questions that must and can be answered before and investment realization. We are able to provide these answers by nowing the market and companies. Not every company has the right technology and expertise. One is more focused on construction and the other more on automation. Not every company has time and wants to work in every country. There are many questions that need to be raised for an investment plan. And we propose that and based on that, we introduce you to a company that can realize your question and idea. Our job is to jumpstart your knowledge of hydroponics, help you navigate barriers to entry, make industry connections, and mitigate risk.

Consultancy &  Matchmaking


You will have many questions if you want to start with Hydroponics. There are a lot of technological systems, nutrients and builders with technologies that control the temperature and humidity of the environment surrounding the plants in a greenhouse.

By controlling nutrients and water you can control the yield of your plant. If you control the temperature and humidity of the environment, you will have the power to create any crop you choose at any given time.

We can give advice on how to setup and run commercial hydroponics systems. Not only big systems but also small. We co-operate with the best Dutch companies.

The possibility for financially attractive built greenhouses (re-use of greenhouses) is of course also present. Ask for it.