Search no further. Here you can already find a good fodder system up to a fully automated system.

Cheap price from $1150,-

Greenhouse farming PVC hydroponic seed planting  system  is used for barley, wheat, beans, alfalfa, vegetable, seeds sprouting, and also ideal choice for farm livestock fodder equipment.

  • very  firm and strong,can bear 50KG-200KG
  • include all necessary basic parts
  • Dismountable,easy move,save shipping cost
  • Tray length can change from 50CM to 500CM accordingly.
  • if length > 2M,it is better to use LCL  not FCL container bcz not easy pacakge
  • More trays size are avaiable if quantity more than 3000 meters.


  • 150 x 120 X 200cm = 70kg daily ouput
  • 200 x 120 x 200cm = 100kg
  • 300 x 120 x 200cm = 150 kg
  • 500 x 120 x 200cm = 250kg