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Kind Sirs,
I am a student at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and I am contacting you regarding a student project I am pursuing with my colleagues from the Transition and Transdisciplinarity course. Namely, we are studying the transition towards more sustainable food growing and development systems, more specifically vertical farming and cultivated meat. We believe your input would be of significant contribution. We would like to ask you several questions  regarding your opinions, the feasibility, enablers and disablers of this transition. Would you be willing to have a 30-60 minute interview with us over Zoom?

Prior to the interview we will send you a Consent form including some technicalities. We would appreciate your time and opinion, looking forward to your answer,

Some of the questions we would like to ask you entail:

  • “What is the role of agriculture in challenges like climate change?
  • And how does climate change affect agriculture?
  • What kind of responsibilities do you feel you have as a developer in this?”

Best regards
Ana Calic