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Hello Ed,

My name is Hesham Elghamry and i took your coordinates from our mutual friend.

I am a hydroponic grower of lettuces and leafy greens in Egypt and want to add another greenhouse for the production of hydroponic tomatoes.  I am looking specifically for speciality types such as the plum with different colors (red, green, uelow, orange, brown). My greenuouse will be built on an area of around 5000 to 5500 m2. The typical tomato greenhouses here are multi spans of 40m x 8m each span (each bay). So we are talking about 16 to 17 spans. No cooling or heating is required in order to reduce investment cost. They do aeration by openjng and closing the sides and windows. I am thinking of using rockwool slabes and blocks from grodan. Also to reduce investment cost, i am thinking of using a drip drain to waste system.

My water that i use for lettuce comes from a deep 100m bore, and goes into a RO system thst makes the minerals almost zero. I can use this water,  or if not that much required for tomatoes, i can send you a latest analysis of the bore water and you decide if it is any good.

People here dont use any sensors for moisture. I was thinking of introduditng this in my system if it is  not too much of an investment.

Also, very important,  i sell to supermarkets on a daily basis. So i need to manage my planrations and harvest accordingly. I.e. being able to harvest say 150kg per day for 365 days all yesr round.

I have asked rijk zwaan for the choice of seeds that would be performing well in egypt weather. Unfortunately they do not have much data for plum as it is a very niche market here. I would therefore also need your advise on that as well.

Please let me know your thoughts, and your consultancy fees.

I need to start building my greenhouse very soon so pleaee let me know if you have any comments orr advise on that.

Many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you soon.